lady in ice barrel doing Win Hof cold therapy
Join us and Embrace the Cold

Exquisite Accommodation Tailored for You at Willowtree Glamping Mournes:

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  • Weekend Getaway : Revel in a luxurious weekend escape. Experience the enchantment of our premium cabins, your private haven amidst the wilderness, complemented by exhilarating daytime activities that promise adventure and rejuvenation.

  • Sunday Night Special: Extend your immersive nature experience for by staying with us on Sunday night. Relish the opportunity to continue your wilderness adventure, luxuriating in comfort and style.

‘Embrace the Cold’ Activities with Mourne Shack, Spearheaded by Wim Hof Instructor Noah Eubanks:

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  • Evening Sessions (7th/8th March): At only £40, partake in enriching sessions that bridge your connection with the natural world and fellow adventurers. These sessions are expertly led by Noah Eubanks, a renowned Wim Hof Instructor and personal trainer. His sessions are an oasis of tranquillity and empowerment, set against the backdrop of the Mourne landscape.

  • Full Day Adventure (9th/10th March): Priced at £115 (single) or £200 (couple), this full-day escapade offers a blend of exploration and serene relaxation under the tutelage of Noah. His unique methodology, fusing elements of strength, endurance, and cold therapy, crafts a transformative and holistic experience.

  • Full Day + Hike (9th/10th March): For £140 (single) or £250 (couple), elevate your adventure with a stimulating hike, intricately woven into the day’s activities. Under Noah’s seasoned guidance, experience the raw beauty of the Mournes led by Chris from Mourne Shack. This journey isn’t just an activity; it’s a journey into the heart of endurance and resilience, set within the majesty of the natural world.

Together, Noah and Chris from Mourne Shack create an unparalleled experience, pushing the boundaries of outdoor adventure and cold therapy. This retreat is more than a getaway; it’s a gateway to exploring your physical and mental fortitude in a nurturing and expertly guided environment.

Embark on this extraordinary retreat at Willowtree Glamping Mournes, where opulent accommodation converges with pioneering cold therapy and endurance training, creating an experience that transcends the ordinary.

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