Discover Your Perfect Hot Tub Escape at Willowtree Glamping Mournes

Escape to the breathtaking views of the Mourne Mountains and immerse yourself in unparalleled relaxation with our exclusive range of private hot tubs.

Whether you’re looking for a therapeutic massage experience or a tranquil retreat, our diverse selection caters to every preference.

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Electric Hot Tubs: Instant Relaxation with a Modern Twist


Why Choose Electric Hot Tub? Our electric hot tubs are pre-heated for convenience, equipped with massage jets and LED lights, ensuring your relaxation starts the moment you step in.

Wood Burning Hot Tubs: A Rustic Touch with Eco-Friendly Warmth


Experience the Difference: Light your own fire for a rewarding and sensory experience, or let us prepare it for your arrival. Our wood burning tubs stay warmer longer, offering a unique dip into tranquillity—silently and sustainably.

Try it Now: Located at both the Swallows Yurt and the Serendipity Yurt

Bio-Fuelled Hot Tubs: The Future of Eco-Luxury


Eco Benefits: With minimal carbon footprint and no chemical use, our bio-fuelled hot tubs are an ideal choice for the environmentally conscious guest. Located at the  Skylarks Retreat.

All Our Hot Tubs Offer:


Glamping Private hot tub Mourne Mountains

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