It’s almost impossible to visit the Mournes and not want to explore the Mountains.

There is such a wide range of walks and hikes to choose from. Each walk rewards you with the most amazing views, even from the shortest of climbs.

There are many local guides who are an excellent source of information and advice.

Your choice but always remember to check the weather before you set off and plan ahead with suitable footwear and clothing

lady in ice barrel doing Win Hof cold therapy

Embrace the Cold at Willowtree

For the “Embrace the Cold” event at Willowtree Glamping, participants can look forward to a unique retreat that combines luxurious accommodation with invigorating outdoor activities

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Romantic Rural Retreats

Nestled in the Mournes, Willowtree Glamping presents a collection of bespoke cabins and yurts, each with its own private hot tub, offering couples a secluded

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